Tuesday, May 13, 2008

West Virginia exit polls

Exit polls of West Virginia voters have started to trickle in. Via my notes from CNN:

  • 64% of WV voters cited the economy as their top issue.

  • 45% said that the economic recession has affected them a "great deal."

  • Of those who voted for Hillary, 72% said they thought the gas tax holiday was a "good idea."

  • 43% of Obama voters also thought the gas tax holiday was a good idea; 54% disagreed and thought it was a bad idea.

  • The gender gap is back: Hillary Clinton voters break out 55% female, 45% male.

  • Obama voters are 57% male, 43% female.

I'll update as the numbers release.

UPDATE I: How will WV Democrats vote in the November?

If Obama is the nominee, Clinton voters say how they will vote:

  • 36% for Obama
  • 35% for McCain
  • 24% will not vote
  • 5% for other

In the reverse, if Clinton is the nominee, Obama voters said how they would vote:

  • 51% for Clinton
  • 31% for McCain
  • 14% will not vote
  • 4% for other

UPDATE II: Experience vs. change.

Of WV Democrats who said experience was most important, they overwhelmingly went for Clinton:

  • 93% for Hillary Clinton
  • 3% for Barack Obama

Who can bring about change? Once Obama's signature issue, Clinton has narrowed the gap. Of WV Democrats:

  • Obama got 53%
  • Clinton got 45%

UPDATE III: Shared values.

Of Obama voters, does Hillary Clinton share your values?

  • 62% No
  • 37% Yes

Of Clinton voters, does Barack Obama share your values?

  • 70% No (rev.)
  • 30% Yes

UPDATE IV: Controversies--Rev. Wright and unfair attacks

Does Obama share the views of Rev. Wright?

  • 51% Yes
  • 47% No

Did Clinton attack her opponent Obama unfairly?

  • 59% Yes
  • 38% No

Did Obama attack Clinton unfairly? The responses split evenly.

UPDATE V: Those who said the economy was their top priority and who voted for Clinton:

  • 76% said it had affected them a great deal
  • 58% said it had affect them somewhat
  • 50% said it had affected them not much/not at all

Female voters broke for Clinton in a big way: 71% for Clinton vs. 27% for Obama.

Obama won 28% of the white vote.

WV voters also said that Bill Clinton was a "boost."

CNN called WV for Clinton the minute the polls closed due to a "wide margin."

Fox News called the primary for Clinton due to exit polls that showed 68% voted for Clinton, 32% went for Obama.

Exit poll data available from CNN's main WV page here.

UPDATE VI: WV blue-collar whites without a college degree:

  • 72% Clinton
  • 23% Obama
  • 5% Other

White voters with college degrees:

  • 55% Clinton
  • 41% Obama
  • 4% Other

POSTSCRIPT: Edited for clarity.