Friday, May 02, 2008

A call for help

Melissa McEwan asked for help in finding examples of sexism specifically...

Hillary Clinton in the left blogosphere, a la Josh Marshall's gelded at TPM or Stephen Kaus' misogynist tirade at HuffPo. What other examples have you seen on lefty blogs, of either overt sexism (slurs, doctored images) or oblique sexism (criticisms of Clinton wrapped in misogynist frames, e.g. "Billary" or "cackling" or "too ambitious")?

Also welcome: Any comments threads that were completely out of control with misogynist swill and left unmoderated.

Please provide links, as only specific examples will be helpful.

So if you can help out with examples and links, head over to Shakesville and leave your contribution in comments. Obvious from what's already recorded, the A-List bloggers have serious issues with women, e.g., Hillary. A sample: "7 Reasons why I hate the bitch."