Friday, May 16, 2008

400 Obama bloggers roundup

From HillBuzz, Obama hires 400 new bloggers to sway Hillary supporters:

Also, it's been noted by several HillBuzz readers, that Obama volunteers are being told to ratchet down the anti-Hillary hate, because someone in the campaign realizes Hillary Clinton supporters are not very likely to support Obama if he becomes the nominee.

Katiebird at The Confluence, 400 bloggers fighting for Barack Obama's desperate delusion?

News is spreading that the Obama campaign has hired 400 faithful friends to “throw elbows” at Hillary supporting blogs. My original thought was that this was an Obama-inspired rumor (like the one last week that Obama’s already got a Paid Transition Team) designed to make us tremble and go home....

...But, pay attention — you’ll be learning it this summer.... 400 Bloggers for Obama? I spit on ALL of you.

To follow up, Riverdaughter posted, Full Scale Schmoozy Trolling Already in Progress:

Look at what I fished out of the spam filter:

Madrugada Jones | | | IP:

I respect Hillary a great deal and think she’d make a terrific president. But I’m for Obama and I think you have to ask yourself, if the roles were reversed and Hillary was out ahead in the delegate count (not to mention the superdelegate count) and Barack was trying to get the delegates from MI and FL seated, do you honestly think she’d let them be seated?? You’ve got to be kidding me. She’d do the same exact thing he’s doing, which is well within the rules the DNC established. To me, this proves Obama’s political savvy.

Joseph Cannon, "The 400 Blow-hards" -- and Operation Turn Down:

The rumor is spreading throughout "the internets" that the Obama campaign has hired 400 bloggers -- or blogland loiterers...

...Which means, of course, that Obama controlled the Hillary-hate in the first place. His was the hand on the spigot. He is the one we must blame for the ceaseless smears and calumnies....

...I've received a truly bizarre barrage of anonymous hate comments, and not from my usual opponents. This hate-mail has had no hint of the conciliatory.

These "drive by" comments appear every hour. They never make a detailed argument, and they never make much sense. Judging from the writing style, only two or three individuals are involved. Some of these messages make threats. I've learned to delete these comments (mostly) unread; a whiff is enough to know what the rest is like....

Joseph also noted Operation Turn Down, an effort of Steve Corbett PA Radio host to inform the DNC that Democrats will not vote for Obama. "State after state voters calling and pledging they would under no circumstance vote for Obama."


Alegre wrote:

I don’t know if that 400 blogger bit is true but I’ve noticed a LOT of new Obama followers here on MyDD over the past few days so maybe there’s something to it. Not sure if they’re paid or if they even exist and frankly, I really don’t care. But I do care that people are calling for Hillary’s supporters to “give it up” and telling us “it’s over” when not one single vote has been cast in our party’s convention. That’s a few months off yet so why don’t we just let the rest of the states have their say, make our case to the undeclared superdelegates out there and chill?

Just know this - I'm not gonna stop as long as she's out there fighting for us. As long as she's standing up for us - I'm standing up for her. Get it?

Reclusive Leftist's Welcome, Operation Code Blue!

I’m not really welcoming Axelrod’s latest cadre of paid “opinion shapers.” I’ll just be handing out these convenient laminated Pocket Guides (note the blue section) and gently shutting the door in their faces...

...What’s that? We’re all Democrats? Oh, that’s nice. Okay, you have a nice day, you hear? Bye-bye! Thanks so much! Bye! Mm, you too! Bye! Thanks again! Okay, bye now! Bye!

Donna Darko added details about women threatening an Obama boycott.

Video here.