Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sexist spiel on display

A screen grab of a story about Hillary Clinton at the Alaska Report

Ah, someone's warped mind at the Alaska Report must think it's clever to depict Hillary as "the best man for the job." Typically sexist, the image implies that only a woman portrayed as a man is made of the right stuff and inherently discounts that women are just as capable, tough, and smart to lead our nation as women.

Such depictions minimize the power of women and reinforce male dominance. The patriarchy demeans women by making such comparisons in a futile attempt to reiterate that men are superior, the paradigm to emulate, the archetype that embodies leadership. Forget Margaret Thatcher or Golda Meir. In America, sexism flourishes under such misbegotten attitudes.

I won't generalize about Alaska. The facts speak for themselves. The state is a Republican stronghold, not exactly a paragon of gender equality. Alaska also "has long suffered the highest sexual assault rate in the nation... 89% of the victims were female," according to USA Today, indicating that the state foretells of extremely hostile turf for females.

Looking at the predominantly male staff of the Alaska Report, it's easy to understand how the image was selected. Dumb but predictable. Of course, the picture is inexcusably sexist spiel on display.