Monday, May 19, 2008

Kentucky hearts Hillary

Photo by Barbara Kinney

Hillary remains poised to win the Kentucky primary tomorrow. During a campaign stop in Loretta, KY, Amanda Keith, wearing a T-shirt that proclaimed, "Step aside gentlemen, it's time for a woman to take over," explained why she supports Hillary:

"She's the one that can get us out of this mess," Keith said ahead of Clinton's campaign stop at Maker's Mark distillery that drew hundreds of supporters.

Keith, who had to drop out of college because it became too expensive, said Clinton's plan to help people pay for higher education won her support. "I've got tuition bills I can't pay, and I don't know what I'm going to do about my kids," said Keith...

Keith's reasons were echoed by another Kentucky voter.

"She's showed she cares about this state," said Angela Markum, who drove an hour from Louisville to attend the event. "I don't see Obama here. I don't see him anywhere."

Real Clear Politics shows that Hillary could win KY by as much as 30 points.

Stumping in the bluegrass state, Hillary conveyed the ultimate argument:

"I am hoping that Kentucky will send a big message to the Democratic Party and to the country," Clinton said as the crowd cheered, "that we know what kind of president we need and we know who will defeat John McCain in the fall."

We need Hillary Clinton.

Obama promised a new kind of politics and he has orchestrated one of the most divisive campaigns I've had the misfortune to witness in my lifetime. He has lost key swing states and will lose Hillary voters, whom he bragged he could get to vote for him. But he has alienated too many for him to win the general election in November. As Anglachel so poignantly articulated, The Electoral Map Trumps the Party Math.

Hillary--not Obama--can defeat McCain.

Hillary--not Obama--can win the presidency.

Hillary--not Obama--performs better in the all-important Electoral College map.

Hillary has the experience America needs to lead us into more prosperous times, protect our national security, and improve foreign affairs.

Only one Democratic nominee can win in November.

Her name is Hillary Clinton.