Friday, May 02, 2008

Hillary Clinton, Bill O'Reilly, part II

I agree with Taylor Marsh who posted the YouTubes from last night's interview, this is Hillary at her best:

This is how you "take on" Fox News, to use the Obama team’s words. You do it with charm, though knowing the facts helps a lot. . . Review on the Bill O’Reilly two-day interview: flawless. Obama couldn’t come close to this performance, nor could any other Democrat. It takes a woman to tame Bill O’Reilly. It’s clear he enjoyed it. So did she.

If you get the chance, go tell Taylor thanks for getting the videos online for all to view. Mucho props!

Videos below from May 1 are in two parts.

In the first video--Part 3--Hillary explained her position on Iran, deterring them from obtaining nukes, getting out of Iraq, how ending the U.S. occupation will impact the Iran/Persian-Iraq/Arab relationship, the fallacy of oil prices rising due to troop withdrawals, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Taliban, AQ, and supporting and working with the pro-democracy forces in Pakistan to reduce terrorism.

In the second video--Part 4--Hillary discussed waterboarding, how torture is wrong, ineffective, and not in the best interests of America... immigration, sanctuary cities, deporting criminals, fixing the problem with a "sensible comprehensive immigration resolution" instead of using the issue as a "political football."

To see the previous interview that aired on Apr. 30, click here.