Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Indiana's late voter tally

Charles Lemos asked poignant questions about the delayed voter totals from Lake County, IN, which didn't release until after midnight:

...the suburban part of Lake County noted that they had submitted their result to county officials by 7:30PM Eastern Time. And yet the results were not released. Why? The Mayor of Gary suggests it was because “they were being extra careful.” Careful with what? A computer? Or filling out paper ballots? For the record, Lake County uses a combination of the failed, unverifiable MicroVote Infinity DREs and paper-based MV-464’s voting machines, according to Verified Voting’s database of voting systems. More bizarre was that the absentee ballots had not been counted. Normally, they have been counted by the time the polls close. Why weren’t they counted? Mayor Rudy Clay of Gary danced around the issue and fail to offer a cogent explanation for the delay. . . Did Mayor Rudy Clay of Gary suddenly realize he needed to push the button? Something is not quite right and it needs to be explored further. There was no transparency in Lake County, Indiana and officials there need to be held accountable. I’d start by asking the Mayor Rudy Clay of Gary, Indiana a few questions. And it is the Department of Justice that should be asking those questions because the Mayor Tom McDermott of Hammond is correct, there is the appearance of impropriety.

Watch the confrontation between Gary's Mayor Clay and Hammond's Mayor McDermott. When McDermott began challenging Clay's lame excuses, he speculated that "something corrupt may be happening"... and... Poof! Results magically jumped from 58% t0 98%, slicing Clinton's lead to a narrow win.

Mayor Clay had boasted of an Indiana shocker:

"Let me tell you, when all the votes are counted, when Gary comes in, I think you're looking at something for the world to see," Clay, an Obama supporter, said in a telephone interview from Obama's Gary headquarters. "I don't know what the numbers are yet, but Gary has absolutely produced in large numbers for Obama here."

Clay said the results were late coming in from Lake County because of the large numbers of absentee ballots that had to be counted -- about 11,000. Under local practice, all of the cartridges from voting machines in Gary and nearby East Chicago are first collected at the local airport before being driven to the county headquarters to be tallied with the results from the rest of the county, he said. He said there were no major technical problems holding up the count....

...In March, Clay predicted the race would come down to Gary, telling the Northwest Indiana and Illinois Times that tonight on CNN, "They are going to point at Indiana and say Hillary Clinton is leading by one point but Gary ain't come in yet."

Ahem! If there were no technical glitches, then why was the count delayed? Isn't it also strange that voting machine cartridges are gathered at the local airport... and a few went missing? WTF? Something very odd happened in Lake County last night. Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita is also critical of the late returns (see also "Lake County questioned about slow vote counting" video at this link).

Watch the YouTube provided by Charles Lemos. Something wasn't right.

What does it all mean? IMO, FrenchDoc gets it right.