Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Obama attack ad misquotes Krugman

Krugman asked, Is Obama misrepresenting what I said?

I don’t have a link to the ad itself, but apparently there’s an Obama ad citing something I said about McCain’s gas tax holiday as a way to attack Hillary Clinton.

I did not say that the Clinton proposal would increase oil industry profits. If the ad implies that I did, it should be retracted.

Below is the Obama ad attacking Clinton with the erroneous claim, "Experts say" Hillary's "gas tax gimmick" will "boost oil industry profits." Note the cite, The New York Times, April, 28, 2008, a reference to Paul Krugman's column, "which discusses Sen. McCain's plan, not Hillary's plan." Details here.


Announcer: More “low road” attacks from Hillary Clinton…Now she’s pushing a “bogus” gas tax gimmick…Experts say it’ll just “boost oil industry profits” ….they’ll “simply raise prices and pocket… the difference.” Clinton aides admit it won’t do much for you – but would help her politically. So here’s the choice…Clinton gimmicks that help big oil…Or Barack Obama… a real energy plan and a $1000 middle class tax cut to help families truly pay the bills.

Mr. New Kind of Politics doesn't live up to his promise, does he?

POSTSCRIPT: Link to the ad in case the embedded ad above craps out. Hat tip to TalkLeft.