Sunday, May 18, 2008

No more sweetie

Obama supporter Cara at Feministe took offense at Obama's "sweetie" remark during his tour of the Chrysler Stamping Plant in Sterling Heights, MI. Cara posted a different video of reporter Peggy Agar and offered some remarks beginning with, "Not cool. Not fucking cool at all."

At GiggleChick, you can affirm this message:

Operation Turn Down continues. A message left in comments:

Please join us again Monday as we continue OPERATION TURN DOWN 3P.M EST... listen in via INTERNET or RADIO.... Steve Corbett Wilk Radio Network will hear state after sate Democrat after Democrat TURNING DOWN OBAMA. We will not let the DNC force Obama down our throats, we will not vote for a candidate that has exploited the race card for political gain at the [expense] of our country.