Monday, May 12, 2008

Guide to Obamaniacs

Sapphocrat designed a useful tool (below) to navigate the mood swings and resultant behavior of the Obamabots. They discredit Hillary supporters as stupid, but, oh, wait! They need us to elect The One so be nice. If sweet-talking doesn't work, they resort to guilt trips or leave in a harumphity-dumpity huff, "We don't need you, traitor!"

A little background from Sapphocrat (emphasis in bold):

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one to notice this. Curious to learn the extent of this phenomenon, I went surfing through dozens of non-Obama blogs and message boards (I don’t call them all “pro-Hillary,” as those of us immune to the Twu-Bewiever Kool-Aid are not all necessarily Hillary supporters; many of us just see Obama for what he really is, and our blood runs cold at the thought of leaving our nation in his most incapable hands), and found: It’s everywhere.

…Which knocks on its ass the repeated claims of Obamaites who swear that their message boards and the like are somehow unique, and do not reflect the rest of the Intertubeosphere, let alone the real world. Of course, these are the same people who swore that nobody was paying attention to Donnie McClurkin, and that the Jeremiah Wright dust-up would never do a lick of damage to Saint Barry the Invincible.

…Which tells you that many Obamaniacs either don’t get out much, or simply prefer to spend all their time parroting one another’s talking points in their own little echo chambers — from which they’ve run off the vast majority of non-Obamaniacs, which in turn makes it appear as though the world is composed of nothing but Obamaniacs. Which is why they get so crazy when they’re exposed to even one of the tens of millions of non-believers, like me. But we’ll talk about cognitive dissonance again another day.

What’s so funny (or would be, if it weren’t so pathetic) is how predictable they’ve become. The pattern to their singleminded behavior is painfully obvious. In fact, I’ve created a handy little chart (which you’ll find below) that you can print out, put in your pocket, and refer to the next time Team Obamanation suddenly switches gears, and you find yourself sputtering: “B-b-b-but-but… But that’s not what they were saying yesterday!”

To keep up, the chart helps non-Obama believers identify the behavior.

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