Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday shortcuts


I've got a health issue I need to deal with this afternoon. I'm uninsured, one of the 47 million, so if you would like to help out, hit the PayPal button and thank you kindly.

A few goodies from the bright side...

VastLeft at Corrente posted a linked article by Prof. Adolph Reed on Obama that's a real eye-opener. Must read.

Anglachel calculated the delegate math and Howard Dean--heck, the party--is in a pickle. But you knew that, right? She articulated some ideas that are new.

Indianapolis Star endorsed Hillary via Taylor Marsh.

Egalia at Tennessee Guerilla Women reported: Black Group Issues Outrageous Ultimatum to Super Delegates.

Oh, dear. Obama's O'Reilly Whines by BTD at TalkLeft. And the Obamasphere got Drudged again. The doctored Kantor video that smeared the Clinton campaign by... oh, go read TalkLeft for the links and a snippet via Atrios. BTD: "Moral of the story? The Left blogs have lost their way." Unsurprise! Can't wait to see what Bob Somerby has to say about it all.

Riverdaughter explained why it's been a very bad week for Obama. M'yeah.

Paul Krugman showed no mercy and tells it like it is: "To be clear, both Democratic candidates have been saying things they shouldn’t; Hillary Clinton shouldn’t have endorsed the bad idea of a gas tax holiday. . .But I think Mr. Obama is doing much more harm to the Democratic cause by echoing Republican attack lines on such issues as insurance mandates and Social Security. And now he’s demonstrating his post-partisanship by giving Republicans credit for good ideas they never had."

Larry Johnson discussed Hillary, Iraq and Iran from last night's O'Reilly interview and gets into the details of why Clinton "understands these realities."

That's all for now, folks! Back later.