Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The morning after edition

Florida, the Wright stuff, boyz blaming Hillary, and more

No Florida revote! May be old news to some but what's next.

For those who would like to understand the DNC rules affecting Michigan and Florida, see Riverdaughter for in-depth details.

Peter Daou's email about the litany of Obama campaign's attacks on Hillary Clinton is online via eriposte (H/t Avedon). I had already decided that Sen. Obama's new kind of politics spiel didn't pass the smell test. In Iowa, he criticized John Edwards over a 527 ad "attacking no one." But Barack fell mute over a dubious 527 radio ad in Nevada that smeared Hillary and supported him. Furthermore, as eriposte said, "Some of the top "progressive" bloggers have either been wilfully [sic] blind to the campaign tactics of Sen. Obama or given him a pass while going after Sen. Clinton in a very ugly and mendacious manner."

Another hat tip to Avedon for pointing me to Bryan of Why Now? to peruse his Florida archive over the DNC's cock-up of the state's primary and its delegates. I've noted before the Florida Jan. 29 date was about "a property tax initiative [that Democrats] had hope[d] to defeat... on the ballot that day." Glad to read a Florida blogger's viewpoint, and learn about the FL lawsuit against the DNC.

Boyz blaming Hillary -- I've thought it but Anglachel penned it beautifully so props are in order. What's up with "the murderous misogyny of the A-List Blogger Boyz and their grad school mentality"? "It's all about Iraq and their own guilty consciences." They were for the war before they were against it, "all rah-rah war supporters when it first began." And they were wrong. Had they been U.S. senators, would they have voted, "Yea!" for the AUMF? I'm guessing in a snap. Watching the drama unfold, witnessing the pillory of Hillary as if the Blog Boyz had morphed into Beltway hacks or right-wing freaktards has been creepy. Talk about divisive! Go read Anglachel's entire post. I'm leaving out points for the sake of brevity. Caution: Don't lump Atrios into the boyz group.

Who wrote this of Hillary? "She is willing -- nay, eager to split the party apart in her mad pursuit of power." Answer: Someone who has lost his kewl and many who have fled in protest. Cap'n Ahab is willing to split his blog apart in his obsession to harpoon Clinton. I whole-heartedly agree with Lambert: GFY, Kos.

The Wright stuff -- Obama's favorable ratings have slipped five points in five days and "lost ground" to McCain. Taylor Marsh offered the good, the bad, and the ugly of Obama and Rev. Jeremiah Wright. At Shakesville, Melissa McEwan talked about Amanda Marcotte's post on "media's fixation on the beliefs" of Rev. Wright and their "indifference" to the religious extremists of the GOP, and then hits the core issue of religious litmus tests and separation of church and state. My two cents: There's too much religion enmeshed with politics.

Time's managing editor Rick Stengel used the Wright controversy to flip it against Ferraro and Clinton on Tweety's freak show. Shameless.

More immigration factoids from Orcinus and that "noxious" term, illegals.

Got an email about Elton John's concert for Hillary. One night only, Radio City Music Hall, April 9. Tickets and info on the Elton-Hillary Event Committee.