Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ugly reality

Morning has spoken

Democratic presidential hopes dashed in November without FL or MI or OH or... or... Oh, go read Anglachel's Fun With The Electoral College for the scoop and analysis. (Via Bryan via Lambert)

Stained blue dress media -- Jeebus! Our fetid press corps converted Hillary's WH schedule into a fetish in another episode of Desperate Perverts. See also The worst, sleaziest press corps possible. Susie Madrak, also disgusted, plucked the jewel: "The enemy isn’t Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. It’s the corporate media." Amen, sister! Click the link, make the call, send email.

More Clinton-friendly bloggers! Thank goodness for patches of blue. Riverdaughter expands the list. (H/t to Tom) So we are not alone and we're rolling. But, by jennies! I need to update my blogroll. Always something to do. *Sigh*

Hating Hillary -- Bob Somerby wrote, "Barring some sort of extraordinary event, it’s hard to see how Hillary Clinton can end up getting the Dem nomination. So how did the Dem nomination fight flip? For one thing, Obama is an exceptional candidate in many ways (as is Clinton). And then too, the press corps helped—as they tried to do during Campaign 2000, when Bradley, their massive preference in the Dem race, was less outstanding than Obama. In 2000, Gore made it through. This year, the press corps interceded surprisingly late, but in three major ways..." I'll summarize briefly so go read The Daily Howler for the whole megillah.
The October debate, the "gang bang" perpetrated by Russert and Williams,
Nov. '07-Feb. '08, the press corps ravaged Hillary by "doing what they did to Gore from Day One—-taking every pointless event and turning it into a vast moral outrage..." and,
"the lurid novel the press corps began to type about race."
People need to wise up to how our media picks our presidents. Blog Boyz shamefully have aided and abetted. A pox on their Paypal accounts.

Feminist primer: Refresh yourself. Part I: Inhale and then Part II: Exhale. Now for some exercise: Shariah law and whether it's good for women. I don't think so, not at all, but some women do and that boggles my mind.

U.S. Media blackout on military atrocities -- Echidne quoted FAIR: "Dozens of veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars gathered in Silver Spring, Maryland last weekend for the Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan hearings (3/13/08-3/16/08), where they offered harrowing testimony about atrocities they had witnessed or participated in directly." Click the link for details.

Name That Misogynist! Queensland Edition, a cleverly-written, amended news report about MWHW by Twisty.

Post mortem: The "shock and awe" of the incredibly clueless (and heartless) architects who gave us a five-year Iraq War anniversary.

Hecate wrote about the war anniversary and mentioned one of my favorite authors, Riane Eisler... how war is "a symptom of patriarchy...the Culture of the Blade, rather than the Culture of the Chalice."

Global warming: A new paper from NASA's Hansen concluded, "The stakes, for all life on the planet, surpass those of any previous crisis. The greatest danger is continued ignorance and denial, which could make tragic consequences unavoidable." Aha! The Armageddon that eschatologists have anticipated, a self-fulfilling prophecy if we don't radically change our ways.