Saturday, March 29, 2008

Boyz gone wild edition

Maybe Rembrandt didn't have this in mind

Has feminism gone too far?
Nah, of course not! Ouyang Dan at Shakesville explained why. Kewl dude rating: 10.

Clinton Derangement Syndrome: If you had any doubts that our press elites lie, distort, and generally behave like sociopathic gits, get your Jamison Foser fix as he enumerates how, The media proved Bill Clinton right. Well done, J.F.

Who's the party uniter? Clinton or Obama? Turn on your pixels with the premiere episode of "Great Moments in Modern Punditry - Part 1" by eriposte. The recent Gallup poll demonstrated that Barry's wildly confident assertion--"I have no doubt that once the nomination contest is over, I will get the people who voted for her. Now the question is, could she get the people who voted for me?"--remains *cough* to be *cough* seen. With a 48-state strategy, highly improbable.

Dems poised to snatch defeat: Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) joined the dingbat chorus calling for Hillary to drop out. Someone, please, make 'em STFU! Such dumb rhetoric alienates Clinton voters, makes 'em more fiercely opposed to Obama. Heh.

Taylor Marsh: "To be blunt, Senator Patrick Leahy is exhibit A on why Democrats lose presidential elections. Some of these elite DC Democrats just don't know how to fight. It's the reason Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leder [sic] Reid find themselves beat on the PR campaign on Iraq at every turn. Bush has cleaned their clock." Spot on! Dem congressional leaders have behaved like spineless sell-outs.

TM also pointed to a very interesting primary analysis from Marc Ambinder via Jay Cost. Basically, the statement that "Hillary can't win" the nom, well, is speculative. Michigan and Florida are key. My take: If Dems want to lose in November, just go along with Obama's efforts to suppress those states' primary votes. If they're counted, Hillary could win the popular vote. No surprise, the Boy Blogz along with DC elites want her to quit the race. Why do they hate democracy?

If it's true that "superdelegates tend to listen to the media more than other entities" as Ambinder said, then it's time to get a letter-writing campaign going. I've already written my congress-critter. But the media...hmmmm. Time to organize, hit local and national press, no?

Krugman speaks! The truth about the Social Security trust fund. Don't believe those "scare-mongering" talking points that Obama spread. WTF does he know? Oh, wait. Spinning a controversy to attack Hillary and pandering appealing to homophobes swing voters... M'yeah. Politics as usual.

Another reason to get off the oil teat: As if there aren't a gabillion reasons, but pressuring Saudi Arabia to reform its barbaric practices must top the list. Beheadings, torture, warped medieval justice... its human rights abuses are legion. And we've helped make the oppressors rich. SSDD, eh? One thing you can do is save Fawza Falih's life. The Women's International Perspective offers a bunch of news links about Fawza's story, a women sentenced to death by beheading for allegedly using witchcraft to make a man impotent. Sign the petition here. Some forms of "sanctioned" slavery still exist.

If you're for comprehensive immigration reform, read Dave Neiwart's latest on the DREAM Act. Show your support. Sign up demanding "a pledge from Clinton, McCain, and Obama to enact the DREAM Act in their first 100 days."

Boing Boing! Best comment moderation policy I've ever read! I heart "disemvowelling." Thanks for the tip, Avedon.

Liss has a way with words that I envy. Whew: "Shorter Nicholas Kristof: Hillary's a bitch, and she only has a right to stay in the campaign if she behaves like a good girl. Also, the Clintons are an amorphous two-headed beast who are barely Democrats. . . Actually, Mr. Kristof, she has every right no matter what kind of campaign she runs. That's an American right, and it is operable for men and uppity bitches." (H/t Tom Watson)