Friday, March 28, 2008

Claptrap in the afternoon

Props to Suzie for her version of "If Clinton gave a speech on gender." Quite amusing. And poignant.

Unfortunately, my darn cat-like curiosity bested me and I clicked the Slate link. Big mistake. I must suffered a masochistic stroke 'cause I read as far as...

8) Men, we understand and honor that many of you are taking paternity leave and folding the laundry and eating takeout because we forgot to turn on the crockpot. We get that everything has changed very, very quickly, and it's hard to come home to a wife who's coming home at the same time. You are doing more than your dads ever did around the house, and we still get mad when you forget to clean out the lint filter. It's nuts. But it's getting better. Stay with us.

Thank the Goddess, my labrys-shaped mouse made it stop!