Thursday, March 20, 2008

Michigan revote chances die

Yesterday, I noted that the DNC had approved a plan for a Michigan revote. Not so fast:

LANSING, Mich. — Chances for a June 3 do-over of the Democratic presidential primary in Michigan evaporated Thursday afternoon when the state Senate adjourned for two weeks without taking action.

State Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop, a Republican, said he saw no point in taking up the primary legislation since Democrats loyal to candidates Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama disagreed on whether to go forward.

Thursday was considered the last chance to pass a bill to allow a primary before the state Legislature left for a spring recess. Florida Democrats scrapped their proposal for a primary re-do Monday after facing obstacles inside the party and the presidential campaigns.

What else can I say but $@#*&^*%!

The ball is back in the DNC court. Surely, the Democratic Party wouldn't dare disenfranchise Michigan and Florida voters by not seating their delegates at the convention, would they? Crikey, what an obscene situation.

As a reminder, Riverdaughter's post on the DNC rules and Anglachel on trying to win the General Election without these critical states.