Thursday, March 13, 2008

Florida and Michigan delegate alert

From Riverdaughter, an email (and more at the link):

“Word is filtering out from the campaign that we should contact people we know at the DNC ASAP. The FL and MI decision will be going down soon. The person we should really pressure is Phil McNamara. Phil will not be making decisions but he is the staffer who runs all affairs for the Rules and Bylaws Committee. Also if he receives a flood of messages it will get back to Dean.

Obama is pushing for a 50-50 split of the delegates. That doesn’t [reflect] the will of the people. It reflects the wishful thinking of the Obama campaign.”

Phil McNamara

And I agree with Riverdaughter's call to action:

Now’s your chance, guys. Make your voice heard, especially if you are in a state that went decisively for Clinton. Without FL and MI, our votes are meaningless as well. Let them know that there are millions of us out here who know what’s going on and the jig is up. Make it polite, of course. But if you must, tell them, “Don’t make me come to Denver and cause a scene.”

Now I must fire up my email engine.

UPDATE: I changed the above email address for Phil McNamara by request from the DNC. since his email account has been inundated by the response. I've been assured that he will still get the emails and "they'll be on a folder that's accessible to the rest of us and constituent services dept can read."