Sunday, March 30, 2008

The McCain economy

Krugman, Monday, March 24:

[McCain's] chief economic adviser is former Senator Phil Gramm, a fervent advocate of financial deregulation. In fact, I’d argue that aside from Alan Greenspan, nobody did as much as Mr. Gramm to make this crisis possible.

Krugman, Saturday, March 29:

Seriously, the Gramm connection tells you all you need to know about where a McCain administration would stand on financial issues: squarely against any significant reform.

When Republicans talk about free markets and how good deregulation is for competition, just remember, it's a scam.

McCain. Bush III. Fleecing the middle class. Economic doom.

Go read Krugman, March 24, for why Clinton and Obama must address "the need to reform our out-of-control financial system." Troubling how "the securities and investment industry is pouring money into both Mr. Obama’s and Mrs. Clinton’s coffers."

Did Obama read Krugman's Monday column? He expressed similar points in his Thursday speech. Slick recovery to blunt criticism, eh? Or maybe a coincidenk. M'yeah.