Friday, March 14, 2008

The late, late edition

Maybe Rembrandt didn't have this in mind

Oh, my Goddess!
Townhall hosted an loony professor's anti-feminist rant about what appears to be his deep-seeded fear of castration. His obsession? Feminists' objections to the word, "mankind." My personal opinion: How dumb is he to write a derisive column when he's been "named as a defendant in a lawsuit alleging first amendment retaliation"? This guy is a professor?! Wow.

At Hoyden About Town, tigtog wrote about women keeping their maiden names when they marry. She cited a thesis by Lisa Cuprio, who, seemingly confused by discombobulated brain synapses, failed to see the feminism link in the trend. Crikey.

Oxymorons -- The principled, honest House Republicans and their machinations on the FISA bill by Glenn Greenwald.

Debate hate -- Clinton and Obama agreed to debate in PA and NC. But the groaning and loathing over yet more debates perked up at one of the Boy Blogz. As Lambert noted, "Mistah Kurtz, he whine." After scanning the comments at Greg Sargent's "no-rest-for-the-weary-of-debates department," two words for TPM whiners: Don't watch.

Merchant of death -- That's how Paul Krugman described the core competency of the Carlyle Group. However, since the corp plunged into investment banking as Carlyle Capital, "...the bond fund affiliated with private equity firm The Carlyle Group, is on the verge of collapse after failing to agree a new financing deal with lenders... The fund said late Wednesday that it expects lenders will soon take possession of 'substantially all' its remaining assets after it was unable to meet surging margin calls on its portfolio of residential-mortgage-backed securities." Details.

The cobra hand motion: You're fired! John Gibson's Faux News show gets the boot. Logan Murphy can escort you through Gibson's "memory lane of shame."

GOP media mogul impact -- "Republican billionaires set about buying up our entire mass media. They succeeded. The result has been catastrophic for America, creating people like these, who bask self-righteously in their own gross ignorance and narrow-minded bigotry," said Howie Klein. Now we have to contend with McCain myth-making and revisionist history. Go read Howie and then roll up your sleeves, bloggers. Lots of work ahead.

Liberal media's reading habits from Atrios: What's the No. 1 blog they read? Sully's Daily Dish. Ugh, no wonder. View the whole list and media definitions at the No. 7 blog, Eschaton (No. 10 for media elites).

The Daily Howler -- Bob Somerby weighs in on Tweety (the "cosmic fraud"), the Geraldine Ferraro kerfuffle, Barack Obama, and Keith Olbermann with his incomparable fair-minded and eye-opening style. From my POV: Yes, Obama is a "brilliant person" and I personally don't think he is a "bad" candidate. He's just not my preferred candidate nor was he my second or third choice when the campaign kicked off. I nod in agreement with Somerby's assessment: "[O]n balance, we don’t think it’s a great idea to nominate someone so new." And finally, speaking of the Clinton-Obama race, Somerby articulated the Democratic nomination dilemma, "It’s a shame that one has to lose."

Rev. Jeremiah Wright can espouse whatever beliefs and opinions he wishes according to his First Amendment rights. Our dubious press corps, however, associated Obama with Wright's controversial 9/11 statements by using selective, sleight-of-hand reporting, neglecting to mention Obama's disavowal. Those rascals! But wait a minute... There's just one teensy-weensy problem: "Wright is a member of Obama's African American Religious Leadership Committee." Uh-oh. Any news on Wright's resignation from the Obama campaign? CNN has been running and re-running the video of Rev. Wright's tirade. Can't you see it used in a McCain October attack ad? Advice to Obama: Jump on this ASAP.

Now for a non-political, personal message -- Wishing you the best, Twisty.

UPDATE: At this time, Clinton has yet to agree to the CBS debate April 19 in NC.

UPDATE II: Rev. Wright's controversial video.