Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Michigan revote approved by DNC

BTD speaks for me:

No excuse left for Barack Obama and his ardent supporters. Once so outraged by so called attempted "disenfranchisement" by Hillary Clinton, prove that their concern for the voters was false, as they either cheer or stand silent to Barack Obama's attempts to stop the revote in Michigan. The DNC has given... the thumbs up to the MI revote plan...


No more excuses Barack Obama. No more excuses Obama supporters who claimed a love for voters rights. Your hypocrisy is revealed. As they love to say, this is a question of what type of Democratic Party we will be - one that aims to enfranchise voters or disenfranchise them.

The FactHub offered Obama's record on his previous pledge for a Michigan revote and his arguments against it.

C'mon, Obama. You like to say it often... Yes, we can!