Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Respect my sexist attitude!

That's the Boy Blogz media darthling Josh Marshall's unofficial slogan freshly-minted during his latest sexist episode of CDS and taken to the woodshed by Melissa McEwan:

Are you fucking kidding me, Josh Marshall? Because I quite honestly can't believe that a person who identifies as a progressive and has two brain cells still knocking together doesn't understand why it's problematic, to put it charitably, to frame Hillary Clinton pushing her male chief strategist from power as "gelding" him.

I find it difficult to believe that a man of your intelligence doesn't know that "to geld" means to castrate, and I find it similarly difficult to believe that a man of your experience doesn't know that powerful women are routinely cast as castrating bitches, and I further yet find it difficult to believe, in light of your constant reminders that you've spent a good part of your adult life defending the Clintons, that you are totally unaware of the existence of "hilarious" novelty items like the Hillary Clinton nutcracker. So where exactly is the disconnect, Josh, that allows you to use such disgusting language in reference to a sitting senator and presidential candidate? Or any woman, for that matter.

With "allies" like these...

And with that, Melissa lists 75 episodes from the "Hillary Sexism Watch." Click onward.