Wednesday, April 30, 2008

For the record

Lambert at Corrente is the author of "Chutzpah on race from Mr. Hopey." Maybe James Wolcott will update his article giving credit where credit is due.

I also don't think of lambert as a cynic. Delightfully sarcastic, yes, as is Wolcott, one of my favorite writers. Funny un-ha-ha that JW didn't notice the satire since he can certainly dish it up like "flaming shish kebabs." One other aside to Wolcott's column: he failed to mention the insidious misogyny of the A-List bloggers who propagated the WWTSBQ rift in the 'sphere. I blame the omission on that nagging shoulder hoverer called word count. The subject could consume an entire VF edition if treated fairly sans girlish soft porn on the cover.

I attempt to acknowledge bloggers who coin clever terms such as "The Precious" by Anglachel.

And moi minted the Orange Sippy Cup™ for that blog also known as the Orange Satan (don't know the author of the latter.)

If I use a blogerrific term without giving credit to the authoring blogger--and you know who originated it--just email me or leave a comment. I will gladly recognize the blogger with a special credit line.

Kiss, kiss.