Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Irresponsible journalism at work

The headline reads, McCain even with Obama, leads Clinton: Reuters poll.

The article reports on the latest poll release from Reuters/Zogby.

What the article doesn't say: In the four-way match-ups of Obama vs. McCain and Clinton vs. McCain, no where in the reporting is the percent of "Other/Not sure" mentioned.

Screen grabs from Zogby below

In the two-way match-ups, just try and find the cohort that's "Other/Not sure" at the Zogby link. At least the article designated the margin of error: 3.1% among likely voters and 4.3% among likely Democratic voters.

IOW, take the poll with a big shaker of salt.

Makes the headline and the report a wee bit misleading, doncha think? Now Reuters wouldn't have a bias, would it?