Thursday, April 17, 2008

Comment moderation

A CDS-suffering twit using the handle Byrdeye from Chrysler Technologies Airborne Systems of Waco, Texas, showed up earlier today to hit my comment threads with a series of sexist, noxious spittle. Byrdeye is or was a Ron Paul supporter from what I could ascertain from his complaint that Paul was "smeared for accepting a measly $500 token donation from a White Rights advocate." He also has a blog--nasty sexist tripe--but I deleted the link from Haloscan. So sorry. Not.

I have since employed a technique that Boing Boing calls disemvowelling. So if you come across some jibberish, perhaps it was Byrdeye's droppings or a new offender who was edited.

I'm fairly tolerant of dissenting opinions but abusive, sexist, racist, or inflammatory language that annoys me, I will not tolerate. If you don't like it, exercise your First Amendment rights at your own blog.

Asking for your patience, if you come across an unseemly comment, give me time to disemvowel.

UPDATE: Add cyber-stalkers who annoy me to the list as well.