Wednesday, April 16, 2008

November surprise

Hillary's Bloggers:

I have a feeling Dean et al, will get a real eye opener in November if they continue to piss women off and force Hillary out of this race and do not count Florida and Michigan.

We may feel helpless in June July or August or September or October, but when November rolls around, women will get even and they won't even know what hit them.

P.S Love to all my male Hillary supporting friends! You guys are what makes this bearable!

Hillary keeps me hanging in with the Democratic Party that appears to have decided on self-destruction by favoring Obama.

Watching the primaries more intensely than I ever have previously has opened my eyes. Can a political party be more out of touch by employing an antiquated caucus system that disenfranchises the working class? There are so many things wrong with caucuses: peer group pressure, an inconvenient schedule, fear of retaliation of publicly siding against someone who affects livelihood or home. These are only a few examples. The Democratic primary system needs a major overhaul, that is, if the party wishes to live up to its name.

If Clinton is shut out of the nomination, I'm done with decades of sacrificing my vote for the good of everyone else. We voted the Democrats into the majority in 2006 but have they stopped the war by refusing to fund it? Have they impeached Cheney or Bush?

The sexism that's reared its ugly head in this campaign season has reawakened me to never again settle for second-class status or enable it by rewarding a political system that has stood silent against misogyny. I'm done with supporting the party's candidate. I'm voting for the person who best represents progressive policies. There are real progressive alternatives for a self-respecting lesbian feminist to chose on the ballot in November. Obama is not one of them.