Thursday, April 10, 2008

Not a feminist, not a progressive

Yes, Anglachel is so right. Melissa McEwan did nail it:

Feminism is an integral part of progressivism.
If you're not a feminist, you're not a progressive.
No matter how much you hate Bush.
No matter how much you hate the Iraq war.
No matter how much you hate our current torture policy.
No matter how much you want to restore habeas corpus.
No matter how much you're totally going to vote for the Democrat in November.
If you're not a feminist, you're not a progressive.
You're a fauxgressive.
End of story.

Anglachel then articulated at length the inherent sexism in the Obamasphere, "the anti-feminist behavior of self-identified liberal men," their racial guilt, and the turf battle: white guys protecting their self-interests, the decaying class infrastructure that once privileged them, and how women threaten their hegemony in competing for "economic success." The Obamasphere smear, WWTSBQ, epitomizes the resentment online and offline.

Go read both Anglachel and Melissa for the goods.

I'm still too nauseous from having read Obama's wimpy interview with The Advocate from this morning. I can't add anything meaningful. Besides, what Anglachel and Melissa wrote is perfection as is.

But I will expand on Melissa's righteous prose, if I may be so bold...

If you're afraid to stand up for LGBT equality, you're not a progressive.

More about that statement after I recuperate from the mealy-mouthed piffle that Obama imagined was his "commitment" to LGBTs gays and lesbians.

First, I need to go sharpen my labrys.

UPDATE: The Advocate interview with Obama