Friday, April 11, 2008

Hillary Clinton and the B-word

Original photo by Charlie Neibergall/AP via Seattle Times obviously altered.

Marc Rudov has been snorting artificial testosterone and smoking stupid crack again. His denial is staggering. From April 10, Your World With Neil Cavuto. Of course, it's from Faux News:

CAVUTO: All right. To New York City, the gender card in play against Hillary Clinton's camp. Elton John with these choice words at a Clinton fundraiser last night.

JOHN [video clip]: I never ceased to be amazed at the misogynistic attitude of some of the people in this country. And I say, to hell with them.

CAVUTO: All righty. Marc Rudov says that Elton is way off-base. He hosts the Marc Rudov radio show. Lis Wiehl says Marc is plain wrong and that Elton is right. So, Marc, what do you find offensive?

RUDOV: Well, this is exactly why men shouldn't allow the vagina monologue to become a dialogue. Hillary Clinton, who's living by the gender sword, is going to be dying by the gender sword. She sends in Elton John to do her hissing when she's having a catfight with America. It's ridiculous for anybody to throw around the misogyny word. When she was the presumptive nominee, we never heard anything about misogyny. But when things go badly -- when she's not getting what she thinks she's entitled to -- all of a sudden it's misogyny. And that's just as bad as throwing around the racism word. [Italics mine.]

Hold up for a fact check. Wayback machine from Nov. 29, 2007, before the first presidential primary votes were cast: Hillary hatred finds its misogynistic voice: "Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., is the target of sexist attacks all over the Internet. An anti-Hillary group on social-networking site titled "Hillary Clinton: Stop Running for President and Make Me a Sandwich" has more than 23,000 members."

M'yeah, have another hit off that pipe, Marc. Stupid crack is cheap.

WIEHL: "Hissing," Marc? I mean, that sounds kind of women-hating right there, my dear.

RUDOV: Does it?

WIEHL: But let's look at the evidence. I mean, let's look at the fundraiser that McCain was at when he was asked by somebody at the fundraiser, "How can we beat the B-word?" I mean, can you imagine if they had used the N-word? Or the other B-word for a man who doesn't know who his father is? Can you imagine the outrage that would have happened there? You go on the Internet -- you look at Internet sites that say, you know, "Life's a 'B' -- don't vote for one," or "Hillary, you shouldn't be running for president, you should be running the dishwasher," or "Hillary, stop running for president and make me a sandwich," or the T-shirts that say -- this is -- I'm not making this stuff up. It's out there.

CAVUTO: Really?

WIEHL: It's out there.

CAVUTO: Who came up with the making the sandwich one? 'Cause that's pretty clever.

WIEHL: It's on Facebook. It's on Facebook.

CAVUTO: All right. So, Marc, you hear this stuff, right?

RUDOV: That's mild compared to what they say about me, Neil.

CAVUTO: Well, actually, it is, Marc. It is -- it is mild.

WIEHL: Well -- that's another story.

CAVUTO: But if Elton John is playing into that view, you think he alienated people last night.

RUDOV: Well, not only that -- he's totally wrong. This is a gynocracy. Women have all the rights and privileges. The reason that Hillary is losing is because people don't like her. That's all it is.

WIEHL: But Marc, it's -- you're buying into that old thing. It's the old thing, Marc, of if a woman is aggressive, then she's, again, the B-word. If a man is aggressive, he's just assertive and claiming his own. I mean, the woman can't win. And also, look, when you've got Saturday Night Live --

RUDOV: That's not true.

WIEHL: When you've got Saturday Night Live several weeks ago, you know, pillorying what was going on in the media and saying, look, you know, "Obama, do you want a pillow?" and really making fun of the fact that Hillary has had a tough time, a tough go of this -- that's Saturday Night Live. Come on, Marc.

RUDOV: I'm sure that the Joint Chiefs of Staff can't wait to report to a commander whose representative is Elton John. . . This is absolutely silly, Lis. You know what? The woman is not called a B-word because she's assertive and aggressive; she's called a B-word because she acts like one. . .

WIEHL: -- that is crazy. How can you say that? How can you call her a B-word? You don't know the woman. She doesn't act like that to you. That is just wrong and outrageous. And you -- you, Marc Rudov, are exhibit A of exactly what Elton John has been talking about. . .

RUDOV: -- but the fact of the matter is, if a man -- if a man is assertive and aggressive and nobody likes him, he won't get any results. So being assertive -- there's nothing wrong with that if you're a woman. But if you're assertive and nobody likes you, you're going to get nowhere. And that's really what it is. There aren't any male executives who are disliked who are effective.

WIEHL: Marc, you know as well as I do that that label is never attached -- the other B-word is never attached to a guy who's just being assertive and running for something. It's been attached -- you go on the Internet, you look at the T-shirts out there that say, you know, "Hillary should have married OJ. We would have been all better." There are T-shirts out there that say that, Marc. . .

CAVUTO: But that's not the majority.

RUDOV: Lis, there's no misogyny, there's no misogyny --

WIEHL: That's not the majority, but Elton John [unintelligible] that some people say that --

RUDOV: She's dying by the gender sword, and that's all that it is -- that's all there is to it.

CAVUTO: All right, can we get back to the sandwich analogy? That one --

WIEHL: You like the sandwich? Or the running the dishwasher?

CAVUTO: That one I could understand. . .

Hey, Neil! Go wash my car. And, Marc... Go to rehab! That fake testosterone has rotted your brain.

Watch the video for the full effect if you dare. Lis Wiehl holds her own. But, crikey! This is what passes for news? News?!!