Friday, April 04, 2008

Onward Hillary

Using my artistic skills, some gratuitous favoritism for my preferred candidate, Sen. Hillary Clinton, via a montage of photos with the centerpiece from “Solutions for the Pennsylvania Economy” Events in Erie and Wilkes-Barre. Main photo by Barbara Kinney.

It's time to turn the chapter (and our backs) on Bush's disastrous presidency and Hillary's the one to clean up the mess. Obama? Hmmmm... m'no, not so much. McCain? Not a chance. He's Bush III.

On another topic dear to my Lesbianati heart, Lambert at Corrente posted about Hillary's interview with the Philadelphia Gay News. Both McCain and Obama declined the invitation.

Of course, McCain would decline, and after the whole Donnie McLurkin thing, it’s only natural that Obama would bow out, too. Guess there’s just some kinds of people that Unity doesn’t apply to. Whatever. Hillary in PGN...

Go visit Corrente's Lambert--one of teh best bloggers--to read the Philadelphia Gay News interview with Hillary.

POSTSCRIPT: The Unity icon is unique to Corrente, clever bloggers that they are.