Friday, April 18, 2008

Obama, Juvenile-in-Chief

Barack Obama talks about how he's got the leadership qualities to change Washington politics. M'yeah, Mr. Big Talk showed what he means. Watch him flip the bird when he mentions Hillary Clinton during yesterday's rally in Raleigh, NC. Egalia at Tennessee Guerilla Women posted the video and a bunch of links to blogs talking about it for you to peruse. Saw the YouTube link first on a comment thread at The Confluence.

If you think the flick of Obama's middle finger is a benign gesture, view a longer video version--Obama fingers a 'gotcha' debate--that also shows him making a fist and thrusting his arm in a "get a dig in there" motion. Check another angle from CBS News video. The dude's got a 'tude. Why does he continue to alienate Hillary supporters? Not real smart or mature.

Hard to believe that people have fallen for Obama's post-partisan unity spiel but it wouldn't be the first time that folks believed in someone who made that promise.

A blast from the past from another finger-flipper (video).