Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Revolt of the Clintonistas

We will not go calmly without dissent. We are women who honor those like Hillary who have paved the way for other women, for us. We will not be satisfied with a under-qualified male taking the place of a highly-qualified female candidate.

The Democratic Party has abandoned us and so we shall leave it with this message.

You will have to earn our votes and Obama is an obstacle, sweeties. You cannot rectify the division caused by your sexist, homophobic Precious.

We will not be moved. We will not vote for Obama.

He represents all that is wrong with the nominating process in the Democratic Party: DNC favoritism, a thin résumé propped up by stagecraft, the delegate sham, the disenfranchising of voters via caucuses, the silence against sexism and misogyny, race-baiting by the Obama camp, weasel tactics gaming the press to smear Hillary, and the dirtiest campaign ever perpetrated against a leading female presidential candidate. Obama has lied promising a new kind of politics but we have not been deceived by his unity talk, talk, talk.

We will not tolerate an Obama candidacy. We refuse to follow the call for faux unity when it is a capitulation to sexism and we will never surrender to such terms.

We stand with Hillary more resolutely than ever. No matter what she says or what she decides, we have crossed over to standing on the principle that sexism is never tolerated, never to go unanswered, never to be excused from any Democrat.

Why do we need the Democratic Party? Since the midterm elections, congressional Democrats have compromised with Republicans to set us back on fair wages, to keep funding the war, to refuse to impeach a renegade executive, to fail to filibuster Alito enabling the SCOTUS with its 5-4 vote to potentially overturn Roe v. Wade, to legalize warrantless spying on Americans, to provide amnesty to lawbreaking telecoms, to succumb to Bush's every demand. Just as alarming, telecoms are attempting to buy amnesty through the enticement of millions from lobbyists. Democrats have failed to unify against a disastrous presidency and the shredding of the Constitution so I find it laughable and hypocritical to summon the electorate to unite behind Obama.

Why should voters do what Democrats have not?

As a crowning blow to the presidential race, the high shenanigans at the un-Democratic May 31 RBC meeting proved the Democratic Party does not deserve our votes. The Democratic Party is no longer democratic. It is an oligarchy.

Until the votes are cast in Denver, the nomination isn't cinched. November looks more and more like a loss with Obama as the standard-bearer. Sadly, the party will have to learn this lesson the hard way. Until they honor, respect, and treat women as equals, they have lost a large chunk of us. Hillary was savaged, called racist, and threatened. So were her supporters. Not a peep was uttered by Democratic leaders including Obama who benefitted from and or instigated the smears. By their silence, they colluded with the sexist media. We will not reward sexism, the old boys congressional club, or the politics of divisiveness.

We're saying no to sexism and yes to the best qualified candidate: Sen. Hillary Clinton.

In November, I'm voting for a woman who has earned my vote.

Hillary is free to do what she must but it is not up to her to win her coalition over to the Democratic Party.

That is a job for the alleged leadership of Obama and the party for they are the culprits who owe us apologies, who must make amends. Hillary cannot erase what Obama and the Democrats have done. Only they can make the peace and they are too arrogant to recognize the damage done. Many election cycles will be needed for Democrats to prove worthy enough to have earned our votes.

Hillary didn't do anything to us but inspire and win our hearts and minds with her policies, experience under fire, and tenacity.

In the meantime, we will boycott, protest, and not lift a finger or spend a cent to help elect Obama. The party has communicated to Hillary and to her supporters, YOYO. They have a new coalition, new voters. And so the party can move on without us with our retort, YOYO, sweeties. Good riddance!

I have used "we" because I am sure from reading other pro-Hillary bloggers and their comments that I am not alone in taking this stand.

Consider me an Independent with no loyalty to any party. Candidates get my vote.