Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hillary-bashing wingnut style

I wouldn't have been surprised to have found this odorous piece of Hillary-bashing caca in the Obamasphere or on MSNBC. Disrespectful, sexist, offensive, and crass delinquent humor from the right-wing gangsta boyz at RedState. Using photography enhances the intimidation factor, n'est-ce pas? Typical chest-thumping patriarchal BS.

Why does RedState hate democracy? Why do they hate women? They seem to be saying men need to manhandle strong-willed women to control them, to force them to do what they want even if it requires kidnapping, violence, usurping a woman's autonomy, coercing her submission--like an FLDS cult creep--and in Hillary's particular case, discriminating against her when male contenders have taken their nomination fights (with less votes) all the way to the convention in the past.

Not funny in the least.

If one is a spouse, girlfriend, or female associate of one of the RedState creators, snap a screen shot of the image quick. Could come in handy.

Keith Olbermann would be so proud of his violence-evoking, misogynistic prodigy.

Cretin scale: 10+.