Thursday, June 05, 2008

Question of the day

From The Daily Howler, Lisa Caputo on last night's Verdict with Dan Abrams. Abrams hyperventilated about why Hillary didn't concede and endorse Obama on Tuesday evening:

ABRAMS (6/4/08): I mean, there were people on our air today, Charlie Rangel was on our air today, talking about this, saying–but expressing–and look, whether you agree with them or not, they felt that [Hillary] should have been, said different things last night.

CAPUTO: But you know what, Dan? With all due respect, let’s just put this in a historical context, if you would. Bill Bradley got out of the race in March and didn’t endorse Al Gore until July. Jesse Jackson took it to the convention. Ted Kennedy took it to the convention–

ABRAMS: But that’s an explanation of why they–

CAPUTO: No. But hold on! Why is there a different standard for Senator Clinton?

Excellent question.

And why did it take John Edwards sooooo long to endorse Obama?