Friday, June 06, 2008

Artist spotlight

Time for fine art. A painting I would love to have in my collection, Black Madonna - Mitochondrial Eve by artist David Hewson.

The inspiring painting is comprised of 24 kt. water gilt, blue, green, black, red bole (clay), oil on wood measuring 29 1/2" x 20".

A larger image--worth the click for the stunning details-- is here at the artist's website.

I've scrutinized the painting intensely in person and the pixel representation online just doesn't compare to the original.

Absolutely magnificent.

I'm also partial to Devotional, another masterful painting.

You can find Hewson's art at JHS Gallery in Taos, NM, a wonderful gallery where I've exhibited my work.

A few more examples of David's art at JHS Gallery available here along with his education and exhibition history.

If you visit Taos, carve out some time to see the incredible artworks on display at the gallery. You won't be disappointed.