Saturday, June 21, 2008

Obama's faux presidential seal

Bwahahahaha! Violet cracks me up! In response to Obama's newly-minted political stagecraft--his faux presidential seal--she titled her post, Truly, we are all possums.

Weeee-ooooo-iiiiii-ha-ha-ha-ha! What a delightfully wicked sense of humor.

Violet's comic riff was derived from the Latin phrase written between the eagle's wings on Obama's rising sun trademark included in the subliminal symbolism--Vote for me. I am The One!--of his new-fangled advertising gimmick. Vero Possumus translates, "Truly we're able," or in Obama campaign-speak, "Yes, we can." But I like Violet's translation better.

Obama's theatrical shtick smacks of an "Emperor has no clothes" moment in a sequel, The Audacity of Buffoonery. Is he for real? What's next? Cue music, "Hail to the Chief," at Obama rallies? Anyone can get the anthem as a ringtone so WTF.

Sure would like to know the candid opinions of the Democratic governors to whom Obama was speaking from behind his imitation presidential seal at Friday's Chicago meeting. Janet Napolitano will no doubt think it's fan-tas-tic. Ed Rendell and Ted Strickland... who knows?

The Swamp at the Chicago Tribune offers a larger image of the seal for inquiring minds and Frank James said of the Latin inscription, "It made me think of opossum. I don't think the campaign wants people thinking of opossum when they look at Obama."

Violet wrote:

Given how things have gone so far, this could totally work. The more people see Obama standing in front of 17 US flags and with a big pseudo-Presidential seal on the lectern in front of him, the more they’ll feel like it’s only natural for him to be President. They walk into that voting booth in November and their eyes will glaze over and Angela Lansbury will turn over the red queen and then they’ll pull the lever for Obama, just pull that lever because it’s what has to happen, see? They won’t be able to help themselves.

Personally I hope Obama will start printing his own money. I’m playing around here on the computer with some graphical ideas, kind of a mash-up of the eye/pyramid thing and the Obama sunrise. Think I’ll send them off to the campaign. Couldn’t hurt.

Priceless! I'm gonna get the giggles again... but first:

Dear Violet,

If I ever have the honor of meeting you, dinner is on me. What a wonderful mind!

Yours truly.