Sunday, June 08, 2008

Call me sweetie and hear me roar!

In the left blogosphere, I have already read posts this morning about how Hillary voters need "to get over it" and unite to elect Obama in November. Well, if I had not taken a leave of absence from a party I don't recognize after 30 years of voting Democratic, maybe I would give a hoot.

I am finished with blind loyalty to a party that demonstrated how un-Democratic it is during this campaign season. Who are these people who have usurped my party? Seriously, they don't act like Democrats. What happened to champions of the working class, representing and fighting for everyone's equality and prosperity?

I have read about the so-called "new" coalition but the adjective doesn't necessarily mean improved.

The pledged delegate sham alone is reason for a timeout until the party reforms its anti-democratic, disenfranchising voting process that enabled the foisting of the DNC's favorite upon 18 million of us because of why? The cha-ching? With further insult compounded by the leadership's silence against sexism and misogyny.

There's a way to change a political party: protest!

And a Puma PAC protest with a roar!