Friday, May 05, 2006

"When It's Over" poll

Bush's approval rating slips to 33%.

All you awakened Americans, pop in your Tiger In The Rain CD, cue up the suave jazz of Michael Franks' cut, "When It's Over," or download it from iTunes, and sing along. Make up your own words where you feel like it. Here's my "When It's Over" Bush version [my changes from Michael Franks' lyrics in italics]:

Your specialty is imperialism
I guess your party's into masochism
As your job approval plummets down below
When it's over, it's over...
This Me-Myself is just a game you play
You do exactly what your minders say
If that's Identity then Bird can't blow...
When it's over, it's over...
All those books on Laura's shelf...
Did they teach you how to cure yourself?
Not even Sigmond Freud
Can save you from the trust you destroyed
It wasn't hard to make the big decision
Our life with you was like a bad collision
Just like Dick Nixon, we wish you'd go...
When it's over, it's over...
For Bush diehard loyalists who can't sing along, you're tone-deaf. Maybe you can see a doctor. Get your ears checked and your head.

UPDATE: Wow! More Republicans are singing along too.