Sunday, May 14, 2006

Foggo, Wilkes, Cunningham, Lewis & Associates

Friends since high school in San Diego and Young Republican college chums, defense contractor Brent Wilkes and ex-CIA Dusty Foggo appreciated family values so much that they took their families together on vacations and stayed at a resort that cost more than $20,000 per night. Zowie! Federal agents raided Foggo's home and Langley office on Friday "amid a widening criminal investigation into allegations of government corruption and bribery." Ya think?

That Brent Wilkes guy gets around. Trickle down from the Cunningham investigation caught Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-CA) in cahoots with lobbyist Bill Lowery. And who's a buddy to Lowery and Lewis? Yup, Wilkes. And who was subpoened by Texas investigators in the Tom DeLay corruption probe? Wilkes again! The intermingling of Wilkes, Cunningham, Foggo, Lowery, Lewis, Wade, DeLay, Doolittle, Plescia-Dollaghan, Schwarzenegger, and more yet to be named boggles the mind.

But I feel better knowing that Wilkes' friend, Foggo, had absolutely nuthin' to do with CIA Director Porter Goss' sudden out-of-the-blue, hurry-up, be-gone resignation.