Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mary Cheney on Larry King Live

If you missed Mary Cheney's theatrics on Larry King Live, there was nothing more noteworthy than the performance of a toxic lesbian's apologia for her immoral vice presidential father. Ever heard of toxic lesbians? They're power dyke types who would sell their gay brothers and sistahs for money, fame, status, and power like assimilating in a political party that abhors gays and endeavors to keep them at the back of the bus. Power dykes want to win: win at sports, win at politics, win at business. Winning, making money, and materialism--all the accouterments of power--get them off. Toxic lesbians don't value morality and integrity. Civil rights causes are for suckers. Power and status are their virtuous pursuits and they don't care who they hurt in the process to claw to and stay at the top of the nouveau riche heap. They would barter with devils in high places to gain power even if those dangerous liaisons work tirelessly to outlaw their right to marry the partner of their choice. Better yet. Toxic lesbians live to lord over the rest of us, to strut their status especially if those people are liberals. Power is as much a fetish for a Mary Cheney as feet were for the eccentric artist Dali. Her raison d'etre is more about how notoriously-closeted Roy Cohn lusted for Washington power than living honestly as a U.S. citizen deserving of equal rights.

On Larry King Live Wednesday night, I watched a toxic lesbian in action, rolling her eyes, taking potshots at Kerry and Edwards while batting her fake eyelashes and playing innocent coquette. "I don't know nothing about being no hypocrite or the deceptions of my father" postured the coy fluff dyke. He's such a swell guy and so misunderstood.

Mary Cheney's spiel was flecked with honeysuckle-scented saccarhin oozing through flashes of her sparkling smirk that betrays an inner knowledge--where truthfulness resides--that she's promoting dishonesty with an alto voice just a bit too sharp. Take this exchange. When King asked why she wrote her book, It's My Turn, she replied with an enthusiastic pat answer that appeared too rehearsed:

One of the big ones was because there are so many misconceptions out there about my dad, you know.
I think something happens when you're in the public eye. A lot of times people caricature you or try and stereotype you and I really wanted to tell the stories about what it's really like to grow up inside my family and real stories about my family and my dad. ... That was a huge incentive.
Mary wouldn't know a real story if it goosed her in her hoo-hoo. What's her real incentive? Could it involve money? How about portraying her dad as a nice guy. Could this be her mission as her daddy's personal PR flak?

Dick is one of the delusional neocons who had grandiose dreams of spreading democracy by imperial force in the Middle East while multi-billions of the U.S. Treasury have been drained by war-profiteers and Cheney's secret energy committee oil barons. Delusions must run in the family. Mary proves that the idealization of a toxic parent knows no bounds by carrying on the legacy as a deluded prodigy.

Adults cut the chords from their families to grow up into whole human beings. Not Mary. She's enmeshed with the Bush-Cheney power clan. As a flak for Coors, her father's 2004 election campaign, and now AOL, she knows how to spin a yarn or two. On Dick Cheney's hunting accident, forget about the beer he had at lunch before shooting Harry Whittington in the face, or that it took four days for Cheney to go on the record publicly about the accident, or that 36 hours lapsed before Dick briefed the president. Oh, no. He was too busy attending to his wounded friend. Mary explains in a way that only the daughter trained by an arrogant liar can:
He was just upset as everybody was but especially my dad. He accidentally shot his friend Harry Whittington and his main concern was making sure that Harry was going to be OK and making sure that Harry's family got down to the hospital and that they had all the information that they needed and, you know, making sure that that family was OK.
Doesn't the Veep Creep have aides who work for him who could have released a statement while Dada took care of his ol' friend? Larry King asked her if the story had been handled wrong. Her denial continued:
I don't think so. I mean, Larry, because if you think about it, you know, I actually think my dad handled it just right. His main concern was making sure that Harry was OK, making sure that Harry's family was OK and making sure that he had all the facts right.
You know and the story did -- he is the one who put the story out. I just, I think making sure that Harry was OK certainly should take precedence over whether or not somebody in the White House press corps knew about it.
The hunting incident occurred on Saturday. Dick made his public statement on FoxNews on Wednesday. But Mary''s PR spiel paints Dick as the compassionate all-concerned best friend to Harry. Maybe Dick was a faithful comrade. But the excuse about delaying the news? What a crock. But her spin didn't stop.
I think one of the images and I talk about it a little bit in the book is that people have this idea of my dad as Darth Vader, as this force, and he's really just a great guy, very funny, very smart, tough, very caring. He's a great dad and a great grandfather. If you ever saw him with my sister's kids, you'd see what a doting grandfather he is.
Well, Mary. Even evil Darth Vader can entertain followers and have family they dote over. So?
He is tough. I certainly don't deny that. I admire it about him. And one of the other things I really admire about him is he focuses his attention and his effort on doing what needs to get done, on worrying about what is right for this country, worrying about how he can help this country and help further President Bush's agenda. He spends a lot more time worrying about that than he does about whether he's politically popular at the moment.
Whose America is Dick Cheney helping, Mary? The wealthy, the elite, the Republicans, the plutocracy, the theocons, and his personal corporate buddies? Why don't you come clean, Mary, and tell the whole truth and not these PR-homepun half-truths? Dick doesn't care about his political stature. He's not running for president so his agenda is to rake in as much moolah for his cronies and him in furthering his self-interested ideology as much as possible before exiting the WH in 2008.

More empty chatter from Mary:
No, I mean he's really focused on doing what's right. And one of the things that both he and my dad and I talk about it in the book that both he and President Bush do is they really take the long view of history that they are focused more on doing what is right and doing what they know is right rather than worrying about what's politically popular or politically expedient at the moment.
Bush-Cheney's view was so long-sighted that they developed no plans for a post-war Iraq. They've mired America down in Iraq and have single-handedly marched the U.S. into a war based on lies and more unpopular than Vietnam. That's some foresight. But to dutiful daughter Mary, the preznit and the veep are more interested in "doing what is right." Where was their righteous dedication when Katrina smacked the Gulf Coast? Where was the right thing when the prescription drug bill was hawked at a budget that clearly misrepresented its true cost? Where's the right thing as gasoline prices soar without relief? Why do Rummy the incompetent and Rove the leaker still have their jobs in the Administration? As a lesbian, I wish Mary would shut up. She makes gays look vacuous and pretentious. Great job, Mary! You demonstrated that a certain faction of gays and lesbians have no morals. If there's a "homosexual agenda," it exists in the cravenly rapacious activities of a lesbian colluding with the GOP and unaware, or so she acts, about her father's abuse of power.

Mary's only genuine tale that seemed truthful was that her sexual preference was something she "just kind of always knew" and that her mother "worried that my being gay in a prejudiced society... ...would limit my ability to achieve my goals." A glimmer of truth shined through but only for a few seconds. Too bad Mary hasn't used her political clout to change the plight of gays and she has such a powerful father. Oh, but Dick's hands are tied. The preznit calls the shots. Yeah, right.

Two moments in the Larry King interview captured just what a political operative Mary is. Karl Rove would have been proud. One had to do with John Kerry and the other, John Edwards. King delved into Kerry's remarks with a video clip from the presidential debate. John Kerry said:
I think if you were to talk to Dick Cheney's daughter, who is a lesbian, she would tell you that she's being who she was. She's being who she was born as. I think if you talk to anybody it's not choice.
I thought Kerry stated his position in a manner that dignified gays and lesbians. It's not a choice and being gay is who we are, not unnatural or an abnormality as the GOP likes to spout. But to Mary Cheney, Kerry was taking political advantage of the fact that she was gay, the daughter of the vice president, and also Dick's campaign manager, a political job. King also read a recent statement from Kerry spokesman, John Wade about Mary's book:
"She'd be more credible if she pushed dad's administration to support hate crimes legislation and equal rights for gay Americans rather than inflecting for the most anti-gay administration in history."
I have to agree with Wade. But the chip off the ol' Veep Creep block didn't. Every opportunity to, as Mary put it, "caricature... or try and stereotype" can't be missed and she exploited the moment to her full advantage:
Well, I'd heard that Senator Kerry and Senator Edwards both responded to my book and I got to admit I'm actually really surprised, you know, particularly with Senator Kerry because he is a Senator and, you know, we are at war in this country, so I'm thinking usually you should have some bigger things to worry about than my book.
Like Sen. Kerry hasn't been focused on the war? And gay rights isn't an issue worthy of a senator's attention? Where have you been, Mary? Busy making up shit?
As for a reaction, quite honestly I think I'll probably wait a day or two to think about reacting to it just because it's John Kerry and quite honestly he'll probably change his mind by the time we get there.
Ah, the John Kerry flip-flopping meme. Thank you, Mary, for demonstrating what an attack poodle you are. You and Kenny Girl Mehlman must refine your snappy repartees over martinis with a little help from the original political hatchet man, Karl Rove. Like a toxic lesbian, using specious claims to score points, to counter with a sarcastic cutdown, and puff herself up as a self-righteous power dyke, her remarks about John Edwards revealed her armored Amazonian veneer. Larry King read Edwards' statement:
What I did was express my respect and admiration for the way the Cheney family, along with millions of other families, have embraced members of their family. And, if I remember, the vice president was very gracious in reacting to it.
Faux indignant Mary reacted:
Well, if you look at the video, and I don't know if you actually have the video, but if you watch the video of that debate it's pretty obvious to anybody who knows my dad that he's angry and my mom and my sister and I obviously all were primarily just because, you know, John Edwards doesn't know us and John Edwards, if you...
At this point, Larry King interjected, saying, "But he wasn't attacking you." And he wasn't. I saw the debate and followed Edwards who I thought treated the subject with respect and dignity. But not Mary. Not missing another opportunity to draw a "caricature" or "stereotype," she confirmed, "No," that Edwards hadn't attacked her...
...but if you read John Edwards or watch John Edwards' comments the first thing, the first words out of his mouth are, you know, "I think the Cheneys love their daughter."
Well, I certainly appreciate Senator Edwards' opinion but, you know, I don't really understand what would give him the right to comment on my family and, of course, the implication would be that because I was gay maybe they don't.
Hey, Mary. If your daddy is so proud of you, why was he so outraged about the fact that Kerry and Edwards identified you as a lesbian? Riddle me that, Catwoman. Get a fucking clue. Your family is in politics. The Bush-Cheney campaign that you were a party to, you fucking hypocrite, used gay marriage as a political wedge issue to GOTV. Talking about gay rights is 100% part of the political discourse of our country. You're gay. Talking about the vice president's campaign manager--that's you, Mary--is an appropriate subject especially considering how Republicans pander to the anti-gay vote, and also how Americans, and yes, even Republicans have gay children.

King played the clip from the vice presidential debate when Edwards talks about how Dick and Lynne love their daughter:
...they're willing to talk about the fact that they have a gay daughter, the fact that they embrace her. It's a wonderful thing. And there are millions of parents like that who love their children who want their children to be happy.
Who would argue that Edwards' remarks were anything but respectful and complimentary? He related the issue to millions of American families with gay sons and daughters. Mary defends disingenuously:
One of the things that is so interesting about watching that videotape is what strikes me is how smart my dad was. He knew that -- we knew and I talk about in the book we knew going in to that vice presidential debate that one of John Edwards' goals was going to be to try to get my dad to lose his temper. And, I honestly think that that was what Senator Edwards was trying to do and my dad was just too smart to take the bait.
Ha! Ever heard of projection, Mary? Nothing in Edwards' words or his demeanor exuded antagonism. Nothing! Again, I ask, if your dad is so proud of you, Mary, why would talking about your lesbianism in a thoughtful manner cause your dad consternation? Why would that subject "bait" your father?

King asks whether talking about gays "is a fair political issue at all?" Mary replies:
Yes, I think that gay rights is an issue, are issues that we as a country really need to debate and discuss that we should be having substantive discussions about.
OK, fair enough. But then she can't help but show some of the Veep Creep's persona in her:
And, I frankly think it's a little disappointing that when both John Edwards and John Kerry had the chance to talk about the substance of the issue, to talk about, you know, their own positions, that instead of doing that they, you know, decided to score some cheap political points.
Oh, let's see who attempted to score cheap political points. King reminds Mary, "Isn't their own position though more progressive than the administration's... both of them?" Yes, indeed it is. But please, Larry, one mustn't make the almighty GOP look like the small-tent bigoted hypocrites they are. Republicans used homophobia to rally the anti-gay evangelical vote and introduced legislation to ban gay marriage. But tossing those facts aside, Mary gets tough and dirty like her daddy:
Well you're going to have to figure out what John Kerry's position is. But, you know, I've made it clear in my book that I don't support the president's position on a lot of gay rights issues, particularly...
Way to go, girl. You must make Darth Vader proud as his obedient, spew those anti-Kerry talking points Bushbot babe. So you made your position in a book clear that you don't support Bush's policy on gay rights but when you were in a place of political power that could influence the party, you did nothing. Can't go off script in winning elections and pandering to the theocons, can you, Ms. Power Dyke? Winning is everything, isn't it?

You can read the rest of the transcript for more life is so wonderful as a lesbian in the Cheney household, the telephone call-in questions and answers, why Bush-Cheney were the best candidates for national security, to fight terrorism, and more. I tried to call in during Larry King Live to ask Mary, "When you were spokeswoman for Coors in the 1990s, is it true that Coors sponsored International Mister Leather? And what part of the decision to sponsor IML did you play? Also, did you attend the IML event in Chicago?" But I never got through the switchboard to ask Mary my question. Too bad. That would have been an interesting TV moment. I would have loved to have heard Mary Cheney's answer.

WaPo has more about Mary Cheney's Teflon gene in reaction to attacks and her uninhibited venom for Kerry and Edwards. Odd that a gay or lesbian would harbor animosity for Democrats, progressives who have accomplished more for gay equality than her doting father or party ever has. But power dykes don't make sense. Power is their religion and sometimes faith requires blind obedience more than reason.