Wednesday, October 11, 2006

National Coming Out Day

Pam Spaulding offers a summary of lots of data so click the link. A snip:

October 11 is National Coming Out Day. The theme is "Talk About It."

The big news this year is information that should put fear into the hearts of The Base -- 70% of heterosexual adults now know someone gay.

And -- those with an out gay or lesbian family member raises the typical American's support for full marriage equality by 17 percentage points.

The above results are from two studies being released by HRC, one by Harris Interactive and the other, "'Coming Out' and Americans' Attitudes on Gay Rights," from the Hunter College Center for Sexuality and Public Policy.

Additional findings:
* 92% of self-identified gays said they are out to close friends
* 78% said they are out to their parents
* A majority are out to other people in their lives, including grandparents, cousins, acquaintances and casual friends, and coworkers and colleagues.

Pam's House Blend can always keep you up on LGBT issues so bookmark Pam's site.

Bravo to all the gays and lesbians who are out of the closet!

IMAGE: The arresting graphic of the Statue of Liberty draped in the rainbow flag came from here. C'est fantastique!