Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Republicans down in polls

Jump on the bus....

Republicans trail Democrats by double digits (53-42) when likely voters are asked which party they prefer in November's congressional elections, and just 38 percent of all Americans say most GOP incumbents should be re-elected, according to a CNN poll conducted Friday through Monday by Opinion Research Corporation.
...Shift it into gear...
BUSH BACK IN 30s... FOLEY, WOODWARD TAKE A BITE OUT OF GOP NUMBERS: After what they have seen and heard over the past few weeks -- events including the news of a Republican congressman's improper correspondence with a teenage page and the recent release of journalist Bob Woodward's unfavorable portrayal of the Bush administration's handling of Iraq - respondents to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, by more than a 2-to-1 ratio, say they have a less favorable impression of the Republicans maintaining control of Congress. What's more, a strong plurality believes the Iraq war is hurting the country's ability to win the war on terrorism, a significant shift from a month ago... In the poll, Bush's job approval rating is at 39 percent among registered voters, a drop of three points since September, when his rating had increased to its highest level in months after he gave a series of speeches on national security. NBC News: Sex scandal, Iraq book take toll on Bush, GOP
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"VALUE VOTERS" MAY "JUST DECIDE TO STAY HOME": Republican campaign strategists and conservatives fear former Rep. Mark Foley's sex scandal will depress turnout among the party's "value voter" base in November, further complicating Republican efforts to keep control of Congress. "A social conservative may think, 'Well, Democrats aren't going to represent the legislation I want to see passed, but the Republicans aren't representing me,'" said Tom McClusky, vice president of government affairs at the Family Research Council. "They may just decide to stay home," according to Mr. McClusky, who said many conservative voters are rightly "disgusted." Washington Times: Conservatives worry scandal will hit 'value voter' turnout
...And keep your eyes on the road ahead.

The smell of burning rubber might come next from the tire marks left on Dennis Hastert.

UPDATE: Uploaded the wrong graphic. Sheesh. Replaced it.