Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wacky doodle Democrats who voted for FMA

The Federal Marriage Amendment that would have codified discrimination into the U.S. Constitution failed to get the two-thirds vote needed to pass the House of Representatives. Twenty-seven Republicans crossed over to vote, nay. The bad news for progressives is that 34 wacky doodle Democrats voted for the constitutional marriage abomination. Compiled from Roll Call 378 and the Office of the Clerk, they are:

    John Barrow (GA-12th)
    Marion Berry (AR-1st)
    Sanford D. Bishop, Jr. (GA-2nd)
    Dan Boren (OK-2nd)
    Rick Boucher (VA-9th)
    Allen Boyd (FL-2nd)
    Ben Chandler (KY-6th)
    Jim Cooper (TN-5th)
    Jerry F. Costello (IL-12th)
    Robert E. (Bud) Cramer, Jr. (AL-5th)
    Henry Cuellar (TX-28th)
    Artur Davis (AL-7th)
    Lincoln Davis (TN-4th)
    Chet Edwards (TX-17th)
    Bob Etheridge (NC-2nd)
    Harold E. Ford, Jr. (TN-9th)
    Bart Gordon (TN-6th)
    Stephanie Herseth (SD-At Large)
    Tim Holden (PA-17th)
    William J. Jefferson (LA-2nd)
    Mike McIntyre (NC-7th)
    Jim Marshall (GA-3rd)
    Jim Matheson (UT-2nd)
    Charlie Melancon (LA-3rd)
    Solomon P. Ortiz (TX-27th)
    Collin C. Peterson (MN-7th)
    Nick J. Rahall, II (WV-3rd)
    Mike Ross (AR-4th)
    David Scott (GA-13th)
    Ike Skelton (MO-4th)
    John M. Spratt, Jr. (SC-5th)
    John S. Tanner (TN-8th)
    Gene Taylor (MS-4th)
    Bennie G. Thompson (MS-2nd)

With some non-southern exceptions, this troupe of wingnut wannabes seem to be a-carryin' on the tradition of the ol' Dixiecrats, the clowns who took their romp with bigotry so seriously that they defected from the Democratic Party to join the GOP. Have these wacky doodle Democrats ever hear of the politics of discrimination or civil rights? Coretta Scott King understood civil rights included everyone. So does the NAACP. Ah, but understanding. That would entail thinking compassionately, honestly, without bigotry, and with integrity. What about constitutionality? States' rights? The role of the third branch of government in striking down bad laws? Ha! Did you think this was America, land of the free, home of the brave?

Listen to this... Same-sex marriage... Boo! Did you hear those squeals of irrational panic and gasps over the decay of hetero marriage as if magic fairy dust can dissolve an institution already under assault from chiseling the working class? Don't expect congressional enlightenment from a bunch of shame-based bozos gobsmacked by malignant absurdity.

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