Friday, July 28, 2006

Boycott Waffle House

I've had my last breakfast at Waffle House for its cozy relationship with corrupt anti-gay Ralph Reed:

Georgia state Sen. Dan Balfour (R-Snellville), is also a vice president of Waffle House Inc., and in that capacity he sent a July 7 internal company memo to nearly 400 Waffle House locations in the state instructing restaurant employees to display a Ralph Reed campaign sign. The memo bars campaign displays from any other candidate in any other political race.
....Now the Political Campaign Action Fund, a non-partisan, nonprofit campaign finance watchdog group based in Washington, D.C., is arguing the deal between the Reed campaign and Waffle House restaurants smells of dirty politics.
“I think it’s an illegal campaign contribution. It certainly undermines the laws that are on the books,” said David Donnelly, national campaign director for PCAF. Those laws, according to Donnelly, say that companies are only allowed total contributions to candidates of up to $5,000 per election.
The PCAF, which paid for political ads targeting Reed during the primary, alerted the Georgia Ethics Commission, which has not yet taken any official action.
Waffle House Communications Director Pat Warner said Balfour’s instructions were “not an endorsement.”
“It only allowed yard signs,” he said.
Not an endorsement?! Balfour's memo bans displays of candidates other than Ralph Reed. Ha! That's a de facto endorsement, bubbas. As the legendary Cooter Brown would say about Waffle House's spiel, "Shove your scattered and smothered where your sunny-side eggs don't shine."

(Hat tip to Katie Schlieper at Public Campaign Action Fund.)