Monday, July 03, 2006

The eve of independence

On the eve of this Independence Day, I'm setting myself free...

Free from dubious political advice that it's smart for Democrats to ignore the Geneva Conventions.

Free from the hegemony of blathering senators who hold corporate agendas more preciously than the public trust they are sworn to represent.

Free from politicians who whore their reputations with other whores all for the lust of money.

Free from the terror of the terror-mongers who have shredded our liberties into ribbons of red-white-and-blue.

Free from the malignant absurdities of people who use the teachings of Jesus to rationalize their covetousness and neurotic need for control.

Free from the evasiveness of bamboozlers who secretly tinker with America's contract for retirement.

Free from the compulsive ravings of narcissists forever craving the spotlight and willing to slit throats to get it.

Free from the dictatorial unconstitutionality of a unitary executive who has disgraced our great nation with his sadistic fetish for power.

Free from the smear of treason and disinformation perpetrated by Big Brother Bush, Inc., and its sycophants incapable of patriotism and defending the U.S. Constitution.

Free from an alleged free press who colludes with imperialists to unwittingly unravel our democracy.

Free from the tyranny of the sexocrites, who in misery and shame, attempt to project their pathology onto others.

To celebrate, I will turn off to tune into, Why We Fight, for a dose of reality in identifying a path to freedom. To complement my film selection, a principled Republican-- a rarity--also explains, Why We Fight.

Politicos fight for power and money. Patriots stand for independence and justice for all. A remembrance on this eve...

UPDATE: Added a link to disinformation. Oh, please, set us free from propaganda.