Friday, June 30, 2006

TRex at Late Nite FDL braves wingnutess spittle

My, my. I laughed so hard, I wept. But...when I played the vlog, Fifi the poodle danced in angst, spinning in circles, yipping at each humanoid yelp that emanated from the bug-eyed wingnutess on my 'puter. As I clicked the replay hotlink to review the debacle again--a painful enterprise, I know, but I was too shocked on the first go-round to process bad theater, all the verbal and facial tics, plus the fact that Pam included a child witness to her hissy fit--my poor traumatized furball hid under the loveseat (No, I don't have a pet poodle, but if I did, that's what would have happened to be sure.).

I just had to see the farshlugginer train wreck with my own eyes. Feh! Such a farkrimpteh punim spouting kockamayme ideas! Where did she hide her hoykeh?! Someone should call Child Protective Services to shield the child from future venom-speckled spittle. Puh-leeze!

Had I been smart and less masochistic, I could have stuck with reading the scintillating review of Pam the Wingnutess' vlog by the indomitable TRex, who is one brave soul for ploughing the sludge. Props on the autopsy report, Mr. TRex. For those of you who rubberneck accidents, click the above image or visit TRex at FDL for the vlog with wickedly funny commentary.

If the mainstream press had a ounce of objectivity, they would include some of the wingnutty blogofascist squadrons who "unleash" their indignities on the world such as the Wingnutess' pustules. Amazing what passes as informed comment so totally overlooked by media. So what's new about the mainstream con-apparatchiki? Let us pray they don't start vlogging. Oops! Kinda sorta too late. Way too late.