Saturday, June 24, 2006

Republicans smear Kerry and the majority of Americans

A Cut-And-Run Kerry ad that clicks to the VOLPAC site read:

Do you accept the Democrat strategy of retreat to defeat? Should we abandon our Iraqi allies to the terror of Zarqawi's successors?
I swear, reading comprehension in the GOP must have nose-dived into the imbecile range along with honesty and integrity. Republican attack poodles have spun yet another pile of yarn. Redeployment doesn't mean abandoning our "Iraqi allies." Kerry's amendment recognized:
"...the need to keep an over-the-horizon military presence in the Middle East to fight al Qaeda and its affiliates and protect regional security interests. Only troops essential to finishing the job of training Iraqi forces, conducting targeted counter-terrorist operations and protecting U.S. facilities and personnel should remain inside Iraq. The president also must move immediately to work with the Iraqis to convene a summit of Iraq’s neighbors and the international community to forge a lasting political settlement to give all Iraqis a stake in the new Iraq.
“A strong national security policy begins with recognizing that our massive presence in Iraq weakens our security and gives Iraqi politicians a crutch to avoid creating stability in their country. As long as 130,000 U.S. troops remain in Iraq indefinitely, that country will remain what a series of mistakes have made it -- a crucible for the recruitment and development of terrorists determined to fight Americans and an obstacle to an Iraqi government capable of governing and securing its country. Our troops have done their job in Iraq. It is time to redeploy – to help increase stability in Iraq, and more importantly, to strengthen the national security of the United States.”
Read the rest of the plan, which calls for a redeployment by Jul. 1, 2007.

Kerry, a decorated war vet, knows something about combat but cheesy right-wing spiel in the past and presently from a PAC chaired by Senator Catkiller traitorously calls him cut-and-run. Inadvertently, such tactics also insult a majority of Americans who favor troop withdrawal as several polls have indicated. Out of touch, Republican war elites continue to march out of step with the people they swore to represent.

BTW, where's Frist and the rest of the Rubber Stamp Republicans' distinguished military service? Oh, never mind. Lack of military experience never stopped a chickenhawk from sending others to war.

I go out of my way to avoid health care facilities or service providers associated with Humana Hospital Corporation or Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), Senator Catkiller's family business. I will not enrich another self-interested Rubber Stamp Republican. Now I have another reason: one more unwarranted and dirty un-family values smear job spearheaded by a pseudo-Christian. Yeah, I'm looking at you, Billy Boy. Ever heard of bearing false witness against your neighbor?