Monday, June 19, 2006

The con-apparatchiki strikes again

Doesn't Matt Lauer risk emboldening his television competition?

After a certain program of Today show vomitus, one I've blocked from my mind for fear of resurgent dry heaves, I flipped the switch off Perky Katie and Herr Lauer never to return. Ann Curry may be cute, but sorry, Ann, the Today show carries too much baggage. A friend of mine agreed with my blackout by saying at the time before Perky Katie left the show, that it was so obvious that Katie and Matt were loyal Republicans and blatant Bush supporters. Yeah, so much for the SCLM.

When Herr Lauer asked Ron Suskind a typical con-apparatchiki question...don't you risk emboldening our enemies? – do you think Matt could have checked his facts before making an inquiry that frankly makes the Today host look partisan and ignorant? Did Matt miss what our Congress says on most debates about homeland security aired on C-SPAN? Did Herr Lauer think Limbaugh or the 9/11 Commission's report and its national security report card emboldened terrorists with their loose lips? Did he think the preznit encouraged our enemies when Bush promoted the Dubai port deal? Or does Matt stick to his scripted tripe?

Inquiring minds wanna know, Herr Lauer.