Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bush sees a 'Third Awakening'

Is Bush drunk again? We haven't had our First Great Awakening, not in the true sense of the descriptor.

Nowhere in history can you point to a time when religiously-devoted people vanquished poverty, hunger, sexism, racism, intolerance, and scorn for anyone other than their own church's country club and its peculiar brand of bigotry and exclusivity. Ever. When America wakes up to the sexist, racist, and anti-Christ attitudes infused in religious institutions, then we can say we have awakened. Until then, my ears bleed assaulted by jibber-jabber from hypocrites and false prophets patting themselves on their backs because they allegedly see good and evil. Bah! Whose good? Whose evil? They know not what they see and they surely don't see their own evil perpetrated in the name of God. Such vanity and blasphemy mocks the Creator.

When a war criminal talks about "awakening" and good and evil, be very concerned. Another disastrous war must be in the making. Tristero thinks Bush is itching to push the nukular button. That will be some awakening.