Thursday, September 28, 2006

Boing! Boing!

A spring popped out of the evil clown's head. How did he manage (what sexist hired this sexist?) to grab a microphone:

SAVAGE: I have more respect for a crack dealer than I do for some of these politicians. They're up front about it. I have more respect for a prostitute than I do for most senators. You take an average prostitute, let's say, in a city. Probably they're more reliable and more honest than most U.S. senators wearing a dress. More insanity...
Are women who work for the Talk Radio Network all doormats? Why haven't they filed EEOC complaints against management who hired this sexist Michael Savage clown? As Genet regularly points out, if Savage had used racial smears, I would daresay an uproar would erupt. Rush Limbaugh resigned from ESPN over his controversial racial remarks about Donovan McNabb. But bashing women, who complains? No big deal, right?

I wonder if Savage would howl if someone were to spew that the average prostitute is "more reliable and more honest than most [American Jews] wearing a [yarmulke]." That's equally offensive, over the top, and out of line in a civilized democracy, IMO. Just ask Mel Gibson. I endorse Savage's First Amendment rights but doesn't his sexist commentary merit unemployment? I don't know exactly when it became acceptable in America to reward sick perverted hate speech with a radio show gig. Common decency and respect for people has plummeted on conservative air waves--a place that perhaps will offer a job opportunity for George Macaca Allen. Or coming soon: Rev. Fred Phelps. Has radio always been sexist? Yeah, probably, but vitriolic?

Send Michael Savage and his evil clown act to a venue of his own making. White supremacists congregate, share racial smears, and they don't get arrested. That's the privilege of living in a democratic society. It's also a right to seek redress in a court of law. How many women are required to file a class action lawsuit? Any attorneys out there? I'm all for free speech and for being held accountable for the consequences of free speech. Savage's rants represent destructive sexism and he deserves mockery and vilification. I would think that women have a potential civil action of intentional infliction of emotional distress worth pursuing if not on principle alone. Thinking out loud here. But enough is enough. You can't advertise cigarettes but you can promote discrimination and hatred. What a topsy-turvy world.

BTW, how do "most U.S. senators" wear a dress? Boinnnng!

UPDATE Sept. 29: Absolutely sick! And certifiable insane:
On the September 27 edition of his nationally syndicated radio show, Michael Savage asserted that an employee of The Washington Times charged with soliciting a 13 year-old girl for sex over the Internet "should get a reward that it wasn't a boy. I actually was thrilled to see it was only a girl." He then added: "I mean, there is still a normal pervert out there. It's hard to believe." Savage also claimed that there is an "obsession with child molestation" in "the American media," which is engaging in a "new witch hunt" against child molesters because "they don't have the guts to take on radical Islam."
The previous day, on the September 26 edition of The Savage Nation, Savage vowed "not to use the word 'gay' anymore," but to replace it with "hedonist," which he claimed better describes "the lifestyle of the homosexual." Later in the broadcast, Savage declared that "the gay community won't let you see the children dying" of diseases such as "leukemia," because they "tell you that their disease is the only disease that's permissible to be shown in the media." Savage then added: "I mean, AIDS is a horrible disease, but it isn't the only disease." . . .
Boinnnng! Boinnnng!