Monday, April 17, 2006

FDL Bigotsphere Series

The all-star team at Late Night FireDogLake served up another installment last evening in the education of CNN's Wolf Blitzer on the right-wing bigotsphere.

Applause for the patient and valiant work of Late Night FDLers. Worth a shout out for the series as of this date. Jane and Christy started the ball rolling with a Blitzer’s Bigot Barbecue Contest and Late Night FDLers held their noses to purloin the porcine examples one by one:

Dear Wolfie: Can You Tell the Difference Yet? By Pachacutec
Right Wing Racism: Steve Sailer by Armando
Educating Wolfie by Pam Spaulding
Let's Go Real Far Right by Matt Stoller
Tramsmitting Extremism by David Neiwert
The Fork in the Road -- The Right and Race Online by Steve Gilliard
A Thin Candy-Coat of Legitimacy by TBogg
What Lies Beneath by Matt O.
Breaking The Code by Digby
Racist Crusaders Advocate Holy War: The Connection Between Racism, RedState, and the War on Terror by Red Dan
Principia Wingnuttia by Gavin M.
Fear and Loathing in the Nuttersphere by Kevin K.
See If You Can Figure Out What Malkin Is Saying by Christy Hardin Smith
A Trip to the Bigot Buffet by SZ
Hey, Pach. Try carrots and sticks next time. By jove, then Wolfie might get it.