Friday, March 02, 2007

Savage got comeuppance for Etheridge smear

I'm taking a temporary break from painting this afternoon to rest sore muscles before I start the final painting coat on my current oil, A Tribute to Artemisia's Judith. [Update: Completed oil, drawing, and details].

See Artemisia Gentileschi's famous Judith painting, Naples version, here.

In catching up on news, I was thrilled to read that Creative Arts Agency decided to not reward the hateful rhetoric of Michael Savage. Savage has ranted too many times about gays and lesbians and other minorities but he went too far in smearing their client Melissa Etheridge and CAA dropped him, kaboom! TMZ has the scoop and links to his rant smearing Missy. Media Matters offers more details. Whatever possessed CAA to sign Savage in the first place is curious but they came to their senses within 48 hours. Let's hope more people wake up.